MCSC Research Seminar

Room: P505, Time: 1:30PM - 3:30PM

Date Title Speaker
January 14, 2015 MCSC research orientation Chaiwoot
January 21, 2015 Boussinesq models of tsunami Pawin
January 28, 2015 Free-surface boundary condition for viscoacoustic modeling in the frequency domain (1:30PM) Apirujee
  Introduction to HTML and CSS (2:30PM) Chaiwoot
  Introduction to OpenGL (3:30PM) Chaiwoot
February 4, 2015 Progress on surface-wave noise reduction Jaroon
  Autonomous oscillation Peera
February 11, 2015 Introduction to Java Chaiwoot
February 18, 2015 SPH Implementation Poompong
  Implementation of electromagnetic anisotropy Panuwat
February 25, 2015 Review of Thermodynamics Soravich
  Introduction to Android Application Development Chaiwoot
March 18, 2015 Senior project progress Fourth-year undergraduate students (10 minutes each)
Thesis proposal defense at 3PM Peera
May 27, 2015 Research progress on tsunami simulation using FUNWAVE Pawin
Implicit finite difference method for simulation of wave propagation Panithan
June 10, 2015 Back-propagation neural network First
Surface-wave prediction using seismic interferometry Jaroon
Fluid simulation using IISPH method Poompong
August 5, 2015 Progress on absorbing boundary conditions for simulation of wave propagation in unbounded domains Chaiwoot
Neural network for voice recognition First
Image processing for biomedical applications Wisart
August 12, 2015 Progress on high-order absorbing boundary condition for simulation of wave propagation Chaiwoot
August 19, 2015 Least-squares spectral method Most
Progress on simulation of tsunami propagation in the Indean Ocean Pawin
Double absorbing boundary method Chaiwoot
August 26, 2015 Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of stress distribution in a human leg bone with and without prosthesis during normal movements Angkhana
Progress on the double absorbing boundary method Chaiwoot
September 7, 2015 Numerical simulations of urban heat islands and transport and dispersion of airborne materials around building clusters Nattakan
An introduction to backpropagation neural network First

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