Writing A Technical Report in LaTeX


To learn how to write a technical report or research artice in LaTeX.


  1. Download the files: report.tex, report.bib, fullpage.sty to your machine.
  2. Open a Terminal Program and compile the report file using latex report. There should be a new file named report.dvi created in the same directory.
  3. View the DVI file using command: xdvi report &.
  4. Convert the DVI file to a PDF file using command: dvipdf report.
  5. Open the PDF file in Okular or PDF viewer using command: okular report.pdf &.
  6. View the contents of the PDF file and check if there is any error. There are some question marks shown in the content.
  7. This is due to missing references. This can be fixed by using the command: bibtex report and then run the command: latex report 2-3 times. Then convert the DVI file to a PDF file and check if there is still question marks shown.


The content of this web page is adopted from the web page http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3907016